Learn to drive in Derry

For the best driving school in Derry come to the people who train the others. With years of experience in the field our instructors are the most qualified in the area. We will tailor lesson plans to your specific needs and offer targeted assistance through the theory as well as the practical tests.

Starting out on the road can be nerveracking for many people. You will want to be sure of the best possible support and equipment that won’t let you down. Our modern, well serviced fleet of instructor vehicles have been chosen for reliability and ease of use. Available in manual or automatic, we further modify the vehicles with instructor specific hardware, such as dual controls, to ensure that your experience will be smooth all the way from your first journey to your final test.

Disabled drivers

We feel that disabled drivers should not be excluded from the opportunities afforded by our top grade instructors and, to this end, we have automatic geared vehicles with full steering wheel controls. Further our targetted lesson plans can be designed to deal with the specific problems you may face on the road. Fully preparing you to pass your test with flying colours.

Where to begin

If you are coming to us from a different school you should already have a provisional licence and theory test certificate. If not, see below, otherwise contact us for further information and to make a booking.

Provisional License Application

If you are a new driver and unsure of when to begin the best place to start would be to download, fill out and return your provisional license application. This will cost you roughly