ClipboardFoyle training offers the most comprehensive training syllabus in the UK as follows:

  • Instructor’s legal/moral obligations
  • Eyesight checks / Driver licensing
  • Route directions / Clear communication
  • Use of instructor’s mirrors / observations
  • Using dual controls / types of dual control
  • Professional introductions
  • Lesson structure / Timing
  • Eye contact /developing pupil interest
  • Pupil’s previous experience?
  • Prompts / lesson plans
  • Keeping control of lesson
  • Briefings / Q and A
  • The marking sheets / relevant faults
  • Talk through instruction / control
  • Q and A methods
  • Positive instruction / retrospective
  • Giving appropriate praise
  • Instructor’s theory knowledge
  • Level of instruction
  • Planning
  • Control of lesson
  • Communication
  • Q/Techniques
  • Feedback/Encouragement
  • Instructor’s use of controls
  • Driving test knowledge / Theory test knowledge
  • Advanced driving test knowledge
  • Route planning
  • Pupils test day
  • Pass plus / advanced driver training/refresher training
  • Suitable training vehicle / test requirements
  • Covering the DSA syllabus as required:
  • Legal requirements / Car controls, equipment and components / Road user behavior / Vehicle characteristics / Road and weather conditions / Traffic signs rules and regulations / Car control and road procedure / Additional knowledge, motorway.

  • Covering all the above subjects leading to practice in the following pre-set tests:

Pre-set tests subjects

Phase 1 beginner only

  • Controls
  • Moving off / stopping
  • Phase 1 partly trained only
  • Reversing
  • Turn in road

  • Mirrors / emergency stop

Phase 1 and 2 subjects (Partly trained and trained)

  • Approaching Junctions to turn either right or left
  • Emerging at T junctions
  • Dealing with crossroads
  • Meet, cross, overtake, clearance and anticipation
  • Pedestrian crossings and signals

Phase 2 only (trained) or full licence holder

  • Progress / hesitancy/ normal road position
  • Reverse / parallel parking
  • Leading to mock tests in the above subjects and leading to part three examinations, when you are ready.

Notice we say covering all the above subjects leading to practice in the following pre-set tests. The large so-called training companies and many independent smaller training companies, simply run through pre set tests to train you without teaching you basic instructional techniques. The pre set tests were never meant to be used as a training syllabus. If you have been properly trained, you can deliver a lesson on any subject.

Again, due to the extremely high standard of tuition an average person requires approx 40 – 70 hours of one to one tuition before a first attempt at part 3. You will be trained so when you pass you do not feel you have been thrown in at the deep end, you can safely teach any driver or learner to the required standard.

Jim teaches beyond your ADI badge with further professional development training in the following areas:

  • Newly qualified ADI training
  • Check test preparation
  • Advanced driving test preparation
  • Ordit trainer qualification

Throughout all your training you will be offered demonstrations of how it should be done for both part 2 and 3. You will have the opportunity to sit in on real lessons with real pupils.