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Hi Jim,

I thought I would send you this message in the hope it may help other people who have been or are thinking of becoming an ADI. When I started out to become and ADI, I trained with “Red” what a “Mistake”. I failed my Part 3 badly, they took my money and did not want to know me when I phoned. I then had 2 attempts left. I got Jim’s telephone number got talking to him, I had 10 to 15 lessons with Jim and was ready to have another go at the part 3. This time thankfully I passed, the difference was day and night between “Red’s” training methods compared to Jim’s. Now I am a fully qualified ADI, for anyone thinking of pursueing this as a career take my advice, give Jim Doyle a ring he is the best around, if you want to ring and speak to me about my experience do not hesitate, 07729309561, Jim has changed my life around, cheers Jim.

Liam Hume

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