If you’re interested in learning to ride, look no further. We can offer comprehensive, personlised training from your CBT through to your final test. We have a selection of Honda 125cc bikes to get you started and all of our instructors are fully qualified and experienced in the field.

As with any of our lesson plans we will tailor your instruction to suit your specific needs saving you time and money while ensuring that you are fully prepared come test day. We use a structured approach with full written records of your training.


Does CBT apply to me?

You must complete a CBT course and hold a valid CBT Certificate before you can ride on the public road.

The following conditions will apply:

  • learner riders of mopeds (category AM) and light motorcycles (category A1) with a CBT certificate can ride unaccompanied on the public road as long as the CBT certificate is valid or until they have passed their moped or motorcycle test
  • a candidate who has passed a moped test (category AM) will not require CBT for category A1
  • if a rider has completed CBT on a moped or A1 motorcycle, they must complete an additional CBT course on an A2 or A motorcycle as they will not have been trained at speeds in excess of 45mph
  • learner riders of medium sized motorcycles (category A2) or large motorcycles (category A) with a CBT certificate cannot ride unless accompanied by an AMI at all times when riding on the public road
  • learner riders of medium sized motorcycles (category A2) or large motorcycles (category A) will not be restricted to 45 mph while being trained and tested but must continue to display “R” plates after passing the test
  • if a candidate has passed an A1 test and gained two years experience they will not require CBT for A2 or A (provided the CBT certificate is valid for the transmission type of the motorcycle test to be taken and they meet the relevant age requirements) as they will have been able to gain one-year’s post-test experience riding at speeds in excess of 45mph
  • How long does the CBT course last?

    There are five elements in the syllabus that covers CBT training. Elements A to D are not time-bound – the duration will depend on your ability. However, element E will be a minimum of four hours. The overall length of the course will vary depending on your ability, knowledge, understanding and skills.

    CBT syllabus

    The CBT Syllabus contains five elements, grouped into three modules and each module is based on your ability. The table below shows the content of each of the modules:

    Module 1 Element A Introduction –
    theoretical training
    Element B Practical training
    (touch, balance and so on)
    Module 2 Element C Practical riding skills
    Element D Pre road-ride briefing
    Module 3 Element E Practical on-road riding (compulsory four hours duration)

    During CBT, you will receive a log book in which your instructor will record the topics covered and details of your knowledge or skills. Once you have reached a satisfactory level in all three modules the instructor will issue you with your CBT certificate.

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