His psychological approach to learning is unique, but makes perfect sense even to the layman.

Nigel Dawson Ba (Hons) Driver Education

Unfortunately Northern Ireland is catching up with England,Scotland and Wales, in that some of the larger so called Driving Instructor ‘training’ companies who shall remain nameless, are cottoning on to the potential to remove hard earned cash from honest people, whilst offering a very poor standard of training and many false promises. The quality trainers realise this, the potential ADI’s generally do not.
Foyle school of driving, and Jim the director are very different

Jim Doyle- Foyle School of Driving

Jim recently spent a few days in England on one of my training courses. Spending a few minutes with Jim I soon realised his unique approach and unique training methods, combined with thorough knowledge, experience and qualifications are very rare within this industry.
His psychological approach to learning is unique, but makes perfect sense even to the layman, due to Jim’s simple explanation techniques. You may feel like Basil Fawlty in the episode ‘The Psychiatrist’! at times, but his analysis of human behaviour and how learning takes place is second to none. Although I was the Trainer on the course, I learned an awful lot from Jim, and I certainly intend to change my training regime to incorporate some of Jim’s unique methods and realise wholly the potential benefits of those methods.
I would (and already have) recommended Jim to potential ADI’s in Northern Ireland, and would rarely recommend trainers in this industry, Jim is one of the few. The vast majority of PDI’s make the wrong decision when choosing their trainer, why not make the right one?

Nigel Dawson Ba (Hons) Driver Education
Excelsior Training

After I failed my final part three A.D.I. test I was advised by a friend to contact Jim Doyle at Foyle School of Driving. Failing the part 3 was actually the best thing that could have happened to me because on commencing training with Jim I realized how much I did not know about the art of driving instruction!

The training I received from Jim was structured and always thought provoking, one of Jims strengths is that he will very quickly establish where a P.D.I.s weak points are and put the problem right with the minimum of fuss. I know that I could never have passed the part 3 test without Jims assistance. He will leave no stone unturned to give you the best possible chance of success.

I would not hesitate in recommending Jim Doyle if you are looking for an A.D.I. with years of experience. If anyone wishes to contact me regarding the training I received from Jim by all means give me a ring.”

Nigel Richmond; A.D.I. Number 1836

“1. WHEN- I first went to Jim Doyle for instruction to become an ADI, I was very much put at ease by his friendly approach and his willingness to pass on his knowledge on the subject.
2. WHAT: can I say about Jim? Quite simply he is very good at what he does, being totally professional, patient and has a great way of putting things across in relation to driving instruction.
3. WHO- should you go to if you want to become an ADI? The answer has to be Jim Doyle, who will put you on the road to becoming a good driving instructor if you are prepared to put in the required work.
4. WHY- should you believe me about Jim Doyle? With the excellent advice and practical teaching I got from him, I gained much needed knowledge, which resulted in me becoming an ADI.

Mitch McKnight; ADI Number 1703



“About 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to become a driving instructor. At that time I studied for the theory exam and passed. I was working in a factory at the time and I felt I didn’t have the time to go to the next stage, but still harboured the idea of some day going back to driving instructing.

3 years ago, I was made redundant from the same factory and after a few weeks of considering my options for the future, I decided this was the time to start on the road to become a driving instructor. I searched for someone to help with my training and was lucky enough to pick Jim Doyle. On my first meeting with Jim, I immediately realized I had made the right choice.

Jim spelt out to me, what was ahead: firstly he gave me a list of literature, which I had to study for theory part 1 of the test. This was studied and the test was passed. I went back to Jim and we set about part 2. I thought I was a good driver starting this part but soon realized not good enough. Jim and I worked hard at this together and I was a good driver when I passed part 2. The driving knowledge I got here gave me a firm platform for part 3. There is a lot of work needed to pass part 3, so Jim and I set about this, building up bit by bit until I reached a stage where I could do the test but more importantly be able to instruct someone how to drive properly. I passed this exam first time with 2 grade 5’s. When I did the test I was amazed at how similar it was to the work I had done with Jim in the previous couple of months.

I would recommend Jim to anyone setting out on this road. He was a very professional tutor from the first day I met him. I just wish that I had met him 10 years earlier. It is now 18 months since I became an A.D.I. I along with 2 other A.D.I’s who also trained with Jim have set up a very successful driving school called Lakeland School of Driving in Enniskillen. I was introduced to both these people through Jim and he gave us a lot of advice on setting up the school. We are all in touch with Jim on a regular basis, any time we need any questions regarding driving, we know he is at the other end of the phone.

Having since done my 1st check test, I went back to Jim for a few hours of refresher training but the knowledge was really there from the intensive training I had received for part 3. I was very pleased to attain a strong grade 5 in check test.

My advice to anyone wanting to become a driving instructor is: listen carefully to Jim and follow his advice. His opinion is probably better than yours.”

Wesley Blair; ADI Number 1743

“I started my training with Foyle School of Driving, with a certain Jim Doyle, about 10 months ago. His approach was professional, encouraging and supportive, and he was able to arrange my training to suit my lifestyle. I am really pleased to say now that I am a fully qualified ADI. I had been with another school of motoring before Foyle and really got my eyes opened, there is alot of con artists about, Foyle School of Driving really is the only driving instructor training college worth visiting in the North West area. Thanks sooo sooo much Jim…. ”

Emma Mc Nichol; ADI Number 184

“Where do I start? Jim Doyle (AKA Hesus), Intelligent, Witty, we’ll not go as far as to say good looking, although he would probably beg to differ!

Now lets move onto the more practical side of things, Jim provides an exceptionally high standard of training and has the ability to tailor lessons to suit every individual as we all learn in different ways. From the start he will make you fully aware of the commitment which is required in order to complete this course successfully and fortunately for me I listened and learned well and passed on my first attempt! So if you want to become a competent Driving Instructor, don’t call me – call Hesus.

Enough said – Thanks a million Jim”

Emer Roohan; Lakeland School of Driving



If you do you will require quality, one to one instruction from an experienced, knowledgeable, proven instructor. If you train with Jim Doyle that’s exactly what you will receive.
Don’t waste your money on other “would be” instructors. Go for value for money instruction. Go for Jim Doyle. I did.
Alex Spence; ADI Number 1761

“When I was training for my ADI exam, Jim Doyle of Foyle School of Driving was highly recommended. From the start of my training, I felt relaxed and competent and felt that Jim gave 100% towards my training. The training for the ADI exam is very tough – with Jim by your side each step of the way – it left things a lot easier and I felt more confident in myself as an instructor.”

Barry Rodgers; Lakeland School of Driving

“Many are called, few are chosen” I chose the job, the D.V.T.A. made me one of the “few” but Jim Doyle made it happen for me, I simply could not have got through this without him!

Tony Mc Cann; A.D.I. Number 1862

My name is Dennis P Martin ADI No1087.This is my Story.

I have been teaching people to drive for over 25 years, busy putting people through the driving test .I was like a conveyor belt PASS, PASS, PASS no problem for me. Then came the brick wall, they moved the goal posts. The thing was I did not move with them.

Along came my check test, I thought not a bother, as it had not been before .The day came off I set “BANG”. My pupil through a wobbler!!!!.I was not ready for it. Down I went .I was numb with shock, I never saw it coming. Right I thought get the books out, do a bit of studying, I will be fine. Check test number 2 came and off I set.Got off to a good start then “BANG” not again another wobbler!!!!!.I abandoned my lesson plan, fatal mistake I was in trouble and down I went. I was devastated ,where would I go from here???

Then I met Jim Doyle from Foyle School of driving. He saved my career, mortgage, and my pride.Jim Doyle is a true gentleman, very intelligent and very knowledgeable, he knows his stuff.

If anyone out there want to be an ADI examiner or Trainer, Jim is the one to go for, did it for me, and he can do it for you. I got a grade 5+one mark away from the top grade 6.He is a top gun!!


Thank you and good luck Jim

Dennis P.Martin

Joe Mc Goldrick  ADI No.1911

When I decided to become a driving instructor .I thought that I would just have to find any instructor to put me through the training. Unfortunately after wasting a lot of time and money I found that this was not the case.

Driving instructor training does not have to be difficult, choosing the right trainer can be!! That is if you don’t go to Jim Doyle.

Without Jim I would not be where I am now. I am now fully qualified Driving instructor and now earning a decent living.

Thanks Jim


Biting Point school of driving school

Martina Mc Grade

I began my ADI  training with Jim Doyle who had been recommended to me by a local ADI

Jim had an unorthodox approach to teaching which I liked and was comfortable with. Lessons were always well structured with aims and objectives set at the beginning of the lesson and worked towards during the lesson to achieve the outcome at the end. You were given feedback regarding what you had improved on and encouraged with what needed more work and practice, before the next lesson.

Jim is very knowledgeable in all areas of ADI training. He is approachable, makes you feel at ease and builds up a good rapport with his students, which can only and does bring out the best in them. He is enthusiastic and excellent at encouraging pupils to overcome their fears and helps them to believe in them self’s. He is patient and always has suggestions or solutions for any problems which trainees may be experiencing. He is a good listener and a good conversationalist.

With regards to the training I received I have no doubt in recommending Jim Doyle for ADI training


Martina Mc Grade

ADI No 1930


Mark Goddard

I had been a self employed taxi driver for 15 years and decided it was time for a career change. I have always loved driving and wanted to continue this. had already obtained my LGV licence ,but I preferred meeting people and passing on the driving skills I myself was lucky enough to have already acquired. A friend suggested driving instruction and. as this was something that I was already considering, I realised that it was an obvious choice. After making some inquiries the name Jim Doyle was suggested many times. I then contacted Jim and from the very first meeting his professionalism and enthusiasm were very evident.

Almost Immediately I started the ADI course with Jim and, with the help of his excellent tuition ,I have now passed parts 1,2,and 3 started my new career and I am really enjoying it.  Well whenever I talk to anyone considering Driving Instruction all I can say is Jim certainly was the instructor for me.

Thanks a million Jim.

Mark Goddard ADI No1936



May 16th, 2010

After I passed my part one I had to find a tutor for the next stages of the qualifing exam. I took a look at Jims web site and was impressed at all the reviews. After contacting Jim I stared straight away on the part 2. After a short time applied for and passed with only 2 driving faults. We then started on the part 3. Because Jim had included some of the part 3 training as he was teaching me the part 2, I was able to pass on my first attempt.
If you are thinking of becoming an ADI then I would recommend that you contact Jim as his knowledge will save you a lot of time and money.
Thanks Jim
Paul Mc Quaid School of driving

As Part of becoming a fully Qualified ADI I completed a course in Dublin through the Irish School of Motoring. After spending a lot of time and money on training that was inadequate to pass the qualifying exams. The best thing that happened was to contact Jim Doyle who gave me 100 percent confidence towards my training and made me feel at ease at all times.
I am now a fully qualified registered driving instructor with the Road safety Authority
Thanks Jim
Rookskey school of motoring
Tel:Ni: 07707902069
Tel:Roi: 0868673339

Nigel Curry (ADI )

Moneymore / magherafelt /


Tel: 07793569936

I first started training with a major training company and soon realised that the training I was receiving was inatequate.

It was then that I contacted Jim Doyle and having taken my first lesson with Jim I knew I had made the correct choice.

With Jim’s technique I soon developed the skills that whrer needed to pass the Part 3 exam.

I went for my Part 3 on 02/06/10 and was successful, achieving a grade 5!!

I am now excited about starting P 4 Pass Driving School and know that Jim is always available for advise when needed.

Many Thanks Jim!